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Quickest Turnaround Time

We are committed to delivering the highest quality EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING & Vector Art Conversion within the quickest turnaround time without compromising on quality.

Easy & Secure Client Dashboard

With our easy and secure client dashboard panel, you can place orders, request edits, or estimates as well as download previous orders and much more like managing invoices, making payments, check your previous edits, estimates, etc.

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Embroidery Digitizing

Logo Punching Service by Expert Embroidery Digitizers

Eagle Embroidery Digitizing Logo
Flat Rate Embroidery Digitizing

While promising you the best quality EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING Services, we also offer you the best rate for your logo digitizing. We offer flat rate digitizing services so you won’t be worried about the stitches count.

Hassle-Free Payment System

We understand the importance of your confidential details while knowing that, we have developed a payment system that doesn’t require you to provide us your confidential credit or debit card details. Just Pay directly to the online authorized payment merchant and keep your details unseen even from us.

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Win Digitizing - Embroidery Digitizing Services Company!

Win Digitizing company is a prominent name in the digitizing industry. The perfection in the work and guarantee of customer satisfaction are the main keys to our success. We always follow modern methods of digitizing and adopt only those ways that lead us towards perfection. Our clients are our assets and nothing is more pleasurable than their satisfaction. 

Win Digitizing company is composed of talented designers who know well how to elicit the exact demand of the customer from vague ideas. Our professional embroidery digitizers are highly skilled and master of their work. 

Our Pricing - Flat Rate Embroidery Punching / Digitizing

100% Moneyback Guarantee upon bad quality service.

Note: If there is any quality issue, feel free to ask for free edit(s) before requesting a refund. We will investigate the case before issuing the refund. We offer a free edit service in case of any quality issue. Use the client panel to place an edit request, our design department is available Monday to Friday to serve you.  To request a refund, the client must submit a sew-out photo of our digitized design.

Logo Digitizing


Digitizing under 2 inches size

$1.50 USD per 1000 stitches for a design more than 2 inches

$150 (maximum order)

(Simple Design 4 to 8 hours for an extra $5)

(10 to 16 hours)

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Jacket Back Digitizing


Simple Design

Flat $30 USD
Complex Design
Hardcore Design (Request estimate first)

Turnaround Time:
18 hours to 24 hours
hardcore Design:
24 hours to 30 hours

Urgent 8 to 16 hours for $5 Extra
(Simple or Complex design only)

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Digitizing File Editing


after 7 days of order

(within 7 Days)

(after 7 Days)


$8 (cap to flat or flat to cap)


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Vector Art Conversion


Simple up to 2 color design

Simple Textual Logo $10

Simple 2+ Color Logos $15

Complex 2+ Color Logos $30

Hardcore 2+ Color Logos $95

Extremely hardcore (ASK FOR QUOTATION)

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Why WIN DIGITIZING is considered the BEST EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING Service Provider?

We don’t claim to be the best, but our client reviews prove it because we deliver more than the expectations. Digitizing services demand high quality and precise design evaluation,  which we comprehend professionally. The positive feedback is not our goal, but it’s standard and our smart workers don’t leave any stone unturned to maintain it. That’s why Win Digitizing Company gained a distinguished place among the best Embroidery Digitizing Company.

We don’t compromise over quality and our quality assurance team never tolerate a minor fault in the product. In the world of custom digitizing services, Win Digitizing has a respectable name with a number of local and global clients. We price our clients and continually welcome their suggestions.  Moreover, we ensure that not even a single suggestion would be neglected.

Perfection is guaranteed! However, since the start of our company, not even a single time a customer reported a complaint about the delivered product and it’s a great achievement for us. Isn’t it?

We are committed to delivering the order within the quickest turnaround time without compromising on quality. Also, we are 24/7 available on live customer support to help our customer to resolve their issue and for any kind of help regarding our services. With our easy and secure client dashboard panel, you can place orders, request edits, or estimates as well as download previous orders and much more like managing invoices, making payments, etc.

Embroidery Digitizing - Amazing Services We are Offering!

Win Digitizing Company is a leading provider of custom embroidery services and capable of delivering bulk orders within the deadline. We provide our services in embroidery digitizing, custom digitizing, vector art conversion, 3D digitizing, and appliqué digitizing. Our services are available all over the globe.

Textual Embroidery Logo Digitizing

Textual Logo Embroidery Digitizing is never been so easy, We have a team of experts knowing all the techniques of font digitizing in all sizes to deliver the quality sew-out result of your textual logo.

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Iconic Logo Embroidery Digitizing

Mostly, company logos contain the icons and every shape needs to be digitizing for embroidery in different ways and have to take care of stitching angles to deliver the best quality results and hassle-free embroidery without breaking the threads. 

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Left Chest Logo Digitizing

Left chest logo digitizing for embroidery is not an easy job when it comes to the multiple types of fabric and the sizes. Our Expert team of embroidery digitizers is able to digitize the left chest logo for all kinds of fabrics while taking care of all the technical settings.

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Complex Logo Digitizing for Embroidery

To fulfill your complex embroidery digitizing needs, at Win Digitizing, we have hired the highly professional and more than a decade experience embroidery digitizers not to let you down and to help you achieve the desired embroidery results.

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Jacket Back Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery on a jacket back is one of the best ways to make a jacket look amazing, but to do that, quality Embroidery Digitizing is necessary. Win Digitizing has been doing Jacket back digitizing for years and helped the number of customers achieve the best quality embroidery results.

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3D Cap Logo Digitizing for Embroidery

Win Digitizing Company is offering splendid 3D digitizing services all over the globe. Sculptures, skulls, landscapes, and vehicles are being digitized nowadays and we have been polished in doing all kinds of 3D puff embroidery digitizing from simple text to complex designs.

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Applique Logo Design Digitizing

Applique Embroidery is one of the most used embroidery types and we understand all the techniques used in applique logo digitizing and proud to say that our embroidery digitizers are able to provide you quality assured applique embroidery digitizing services.

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Monogram & Patch Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Patches and monograms are the most common in the embroidery industry. We provide excellent digitizing services in quick turnout time and reasonable prices. For the ease of the client, we provide as many formats as possible as embroidery machines’ readability methods differ from each other.

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Vector Art Conversion Services

Our experts efficiently deal with the complex process of vector art and convert an idea into a reality after following the steps of art and science.  We focus on perfection on each step as we know it leads us towards the customer’s satisfaction and trust in our skills.

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Embroidery Punching Portfolio Along with Customers Reviews!

Check out the quality of our digitizing work with customer reviews. We deliver expected digitizing results to help you deliver the desired quality embroidery sew-out results to your customers. 

I would like to thank you for the quick turnaround and saving us from losing a lucrative deal. We could have faced immense loss if your digitizers had not accomplished our requirements within five days. You really helped us. I don’t feel any hesitation in admitting that we have learned how to deal with rushes from your team.

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

Amazing services! It was a great working experience with you people. Your vector art conversion services were very supportive and compatible. Digitizing was done perfectly and we got awesome results. The clients are happy, we are happy and really thankful to you. Looking ahead for long term business partnership with Win!!!

Service: Vector Art Conversion

rational prices. We also availed of a discount offer and gained more than our expectations within a small budget. Your management is clever, kind, and very supportive. Have a nice day!

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

Superb services and amazing turnaround time. Will obviously order again and build strong business relations. Despite the blurred image, you people did a good job. Definitely, it proves you perfect as you claim. Thanks for the splendid serves and best wishes for your business.

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

I really appreciate your efforts and to understand our problems. We couldn’t expect from a company to make editing free. You didn’t charge us for minor editing even it was our fault. Work was precise and highly compatible with the machine and it stitched superbly. Really impressed with your customized services.

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

You people are outstanding. The way you deal with your client, respond to the inquires, and fulfill your commitments is really deserve praise. I acknowledge your services, dedication, and quick turnaround. Hope you grow and progress more and more. My all wishes are with you and for your company.

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

We recently switched from a company to yours. We are happy and satisfied with your work. Thanks to getting us rid of an amateur digitizing company. Your 3D digitizing files had immense readability power. All implementations went as scheduled and you returned us 100%. Hope the new deals would also be perfect as the old ones.

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

Service: Embroidery Digitizing

I want to formally thank you for your services. Perfect work, perfect people, and perfect deal! You not only did an exceptional job but also helped us to fulfill our commitments. Nice to meet a professional team that put its best services to achieve its goals. Well done and have a great future ahead.

Service: Embroidery Digitizing



Highly experienced embroidery digitizers at Win Digitizing, Digitize the design without compromising on quality. We understand the value f your time, we do it according to the requirements of each machine, and by following the exact instructions provided by you. We do not alter or compromise the original design in the process by rushing because of time. We usually provide all the formats of digitized files in mostly DST, PES, EMB formats, we can also provide them in EXP, CND, DSZ, DSB, KSM, SEW, HUS, JEF, PCS PCD, PES, PEC, CSD, and more formats if you need to digitize specific machines.

Prices – $ 8 USD Embroidery Digitizing for Left Chest or Cap Logo.

Win Digitizing providing high-est quality services at affordable prices. Our Digitizing for embroidery services is considered the best by industry leaders.

We have been serving for over 13 years of experience in the Embroidery Digitizing industry. We are well versed in modernizing embroidery to meet the basic needs of our clients.

Why to Outsource your Digitizing Orders to Win Digitizing?

At $ 8 USD per design, Any Left Chest of Cap Logo under 2 inches.
All company logos are $ 8 USD per design.
Excluding:  realistic animals, such as tiger, leopard, dog, cat and vehicle photos (Ask for a quote from the client panel)
Urgent design extra $5 USD
We offer revisions/edits for free up to 7 days from the order date.
12 to 24 hours quick turnaround. The design will be completed and uploaded within 12 to 24 hours.
Get free format conversions (design digitized by Win Digitizing)
We provide embroidery digitization services for embroidery stores, apparel/clothing manufacturers, promotional product companies, home embroidery, and digitization companies.
No Compromise on quality in urgent orders.
We digitize 3D puff, lowercase, and complex design for cap, left chest or jacket back, bennies, towels, and more.
Outsource your digitizing work to save time and money.

Convert you JPG to DST, AI to DST or Whatever embroidery format you need, with years of experience, we are able to convert your design from low resolation restor to machine readable format.

With the team of highly passionate and professional embroidery digitizers, we are able to deliver the high quality embroidery digitizing services with unmatched quality. Win Digitizing is proudly serving to industry leaders (can not mention the names due to contract).  Our embroidery digitizing quality is unmatched for all type of embroidery types including:


So Far, We have completed 1000s of digitizing orders for out 1000s of satisfied clients worldwide.


Applique Logo Digitizing for Embroidery

Custom Embroidery creation shows the creativity and originality of industry professionals. The same applies to Applique Digitizing. The digitizing service allows professionals to customize their images to their liking. Add beauty to the highlighted item. Climbing the ladder of success in the digital world has taken years of dedication and effort.

To ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our customers, we provide digitizing Applique Digitizing worldwide. We have a team of industry experts who know the smallest details about Applique Digitizing. We are proud of our incredibly attractive Applique Logo Digitizing. Win Digitizing offers all this at an affordable price so that it does not interfere with the bank of esteemed customers

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Sleeve Logo Digitizing For Embroidery

Curious to know, did you ever thought about the small details that you often don’t notice when looking at someone? And for many, it’s not. Following the new trends – the trend itself and a few details – play an important role in the fashion industry. This means sleeve digitization is a new trend in the fashion industry. Professional unemployed workers create stunning and attractive embroidery patterns on their sleeves.

Win Digitizing is a leading Embroidery Digitizing company that offers incredible sleeves digitization at a low cost. We have industry experts trying to find new creative ways to get them involved in digitizing sleeve embroidery. Our digitization services are available in many parts of the world. Branding is one of the many services we offer at an affordable price. Order now and enjoy all the sleeves.

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Left Chest Logo Embroidery Digitizing.

If the logo is on the shirt, this is the most common trend. Whether it’s an office or a birthday, your friends will see classic t-shirts with a captivating logo. Yes, we are talking about Left Chest Embroidery. It is one of the numerical points which must be precise and precise. You can use our tips to digitize your data.

We serve our potential customers in different regions of the world by providing a left chest logo digitizing at a reasonable price. Register on Win Digitizing today and Place an order for quality digitizing service.

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