Why you need to outsource embroidery digitizing needs in 2022

By November 3, 2021 February 5th, 2022 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is surely one of the best things that have happened to the embroidery industry. Embroidery has always fascinated humans with its exquisite appeal and ability to radiate strong character. Before modern digitizing technology made it to the mainstream, manual embroidery was the norm. While manual embroidery did produce great results, it nonetheless was a strenuous process that required extensive time and labor to pull out successfully.

Thanks to the modern embroidery digitizing technique, it is now possible to create and mass-produce stunning embroidery designs. The technique involves skillful and experienced digitizers working on industry-standard digitizing software to create embroidery design files compatible with embroidery machines.

Cutting short on the technical intricacies that goes into the digitizing process, it is nonetheless a specialized task that requires experience, expertise, and skills to pull out successfully. And since the fashion industry today is a time-driven industry, they need high-quality, consistent, and fast access to embroidery digitizing files to stay competitive in the market. Given the central role of digitizing in producing high-quality embroidery designs, some of the biggest names in the fashion industry prefer to partner with professional digitizing service providers to keep up with their needs.

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Well, let’s see the top reasons why you need to outsource your embroidery digitizing needs in 2022.

–         Competitive Pricing: 

Today’s marketplace is all about keeping down the product cost to gain a competitive edge. As a core process that influences the entire production of embroidered clothing, digitizing often has a high impact on the final cost of the production. By taking on board a reliable digitizing partner, you gain the competitive advantage needed to dominate the industry.

But why can’t you just create an in-house digitizing team?

Honestly, it’s a bad and impractical idea to go with an in-house digitizing team, that’s unless you are a giant with millions of dollars turnover. Why? Because building a digitizing team requires a large investment to set up and maintain. You will need to invest in infrastructure cost and bear the recurring cost of digitizers (expert digitizers doesn’t come cheap). So; instead, of an advantage, your in-house digitizing team will become a burden too cumbersome to carry in an industry that’s known for its thin profit margins.

–         High-quality Assurance: 

Digitizing is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires deep knowledge of the trade along with extensive industry experience to master. You also need to know the ins and outs of the trade to be able to produce high-quality embroidery design files.

When you outsource your digitizing needs to a professional embroidery digitizing industry, you get access to a large pool of experienced digitizers working on the latest software and infrastructure. This ensures that you get precise and high-quality digitized files, irrespective of the complexity of the design and time constraints.

–         Extend Your Business: 

Lastly, when you hire a professional digitizing agency as your partner, you open the doors to expand your business operations manifold. Today, the digitizing industry isn’t just limited to embroidery for fashion brands. Instead, it covers a wide range of solutions for individual and commercial purposes, including logo digitizing, vector art conversion, 3D puff digitizing, jacket back digitizing, and much more.

Professional digitizing agencies have access to the expertise and infrastructure required to mass-produce high-quality digitized files for all facets of businesses. Thereby, by partnering with them, you give your business a chance to expand and explore all possible facets of the embroidery industry.

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