Top Vector Art Conversion Software & Apps – Our Honest Review

By October 18, 2021 February 4th, 2022 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing, Vector Art Conversion

Vector art conversion has become a popular technique for converting raster images into vector configuration and is widely used in designing and printing. The vector graphics are created through special software and helps create a unique appearance. In addition, vector art conversion and formatting are used in CAD, 3D graphics, and engineering. However, it would help if you used special software to draw proper outlines and customize the design. So, are you ready for vector art conversion?


This is an online software tool that can convert the PNG, JPG, and GIF files into vector formats, such as SVG, EPS, PDF, and AI. This is a free tool, and you don’t even have to sign up or install it on the computer. It can support a file size of up to 6MBs. Autotracer has a user-friendly interface because you can easily upload the image, choose the desired format, and select the color palette. After the conversion, you can download the vector graphic. There are additional tools for removing speckles and increasing smoothening. Not to forget, you can add a white background as well. The only downside is that it needs a proper internet connection to convert the files.


Vectorizer is an online tool that allows users to convert the JPEF, PNG, and BMP files into different vector formats. The users can upload three images at once, and three converted files can be downloaded at once as well. With this tool, the users can edit ten vector files in an hour (pretty generous). As far as the output is concerned, there are multiple output options, and you can take the help of an algorithm to blur the areas, sort the colors, and integrate different shapes. Also, you can preview the converted image before you download it. However, there are certain restrictions for upload, download, and editing, but we believe that shouldn’t be an issue.

Vector Magic

This is yet another fantastic free tool available for users. This is a browser-based vector art conversion tool and offers multiple vector formats. The users can easily browse the files and add them to the conversion interface. There is a drag and drop feature available for your ease. We love this tool because it gives complete control over vector conversion because there are manual and automatic settings available for selecting the quality and colors. The converted file can be downloaded straight from the interface, and you can even edit the vector images. If you are concerned about quality, well, don’t be because it will be crisp!

Free Online Converter

Yes, that’s the actual name of the vector art conversion tool and can convert the images pretty quickly and simply. This is a free tool, and there is no need for registration and installation. The users can process up to fifty files at one time. However, the converted images will be black and white. As for downloading, the downloaded file will be readily available on the interface. The only downside is that you cannot edit the file.


This is an online tool for converting the raster image into a vector image. The users can upload up to 100MB files from Dropbox, URL, system files, and Google Drive. It has a highly user-friendly and efficient interface, making it easy to upload the files and choose a suitable output format. In addition, you can download the converted files on your system. Even more, you can save the vector images on cloud storage for remote accessibility. Overall, the interface is pretty simple, which makes things easier. However, there are no editing options, so that’s a low point.

Online Convert

Online Convert is an excellent tool for converting images, and its ability to support different formats is appreciated. The users can upload local, online, and cloud files on the interface and get the vector art made within seconds. Everything is done right in your browser. In addition, this tool has a setting option with which you can change the black and white saturation, colors, sizes, DPI, and speckle count. The users can also save the parameters and editing options. On the other hand, you cannot choose the desired vector format, so it’s the tool’s choice. Lastly, it needs a stable internet connection.

Rapid Resizer

This is the last option and is suitable for people who are fine with black and white vector images. There are tracing features if you want to cut out extra sides from the images. In addition, the users can select the sharpness by moving the slider. As far as the outcome is concerned, Rapid Resizer works with various vector formats (you can select the desired vector format as well).


Vectorization is a great online tool for processing online as well as local files. The users can convert the files into different vector formats, including; PDF, EF, and SVG. It has a black & white output file system, and it can support files up to 10MB. As for the pixels, Vectorizations works up to 3000 x 3000 pixels. As far as the vector file is concerned, you can download it right from the interface. Also, there is no editing feature available.


If you want to convert simple images into vector format, this is one of the best tools. It will work on the browser, and you can add files from Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, and the computer’s local files. The users have the option of upload up to 300MB of files. It has a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, and you can download the converted file. If you are thinking about editing features, they aren’t available, unfortunately.


This tool lets the users convert JPG files and PNG files into vector format (it only supports SVG) through this online software. The users can customize the colors and palettes. In addition, you can smoothen or simplify the vector design. Once the vector art is converted, you can download it, but the preview option is also available before downloading the output file. PNGTOSVG has a pretty simple interface, but we would like more vector formats to be supported.

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