Top Embroidery Digitizing Websites & Software That You Can Try!

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Dirty Dozen Logo Digitizing for Embroidery By Win Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing has become an ultimate side gig for creative people because they get to be creative while earning money. However, you should use the right software or website for digitizing the embroidery designs and logos, but where will you find one? Well, you no longer have to worry because we are sharing our top options with you!

Top Websites for Embroidery Digitizing 

In this section, we will review some websites offering embroidery digitizing services. Keep in mind that all of these websites are offering paid solutions, so keep your wallets ready!

  • Win Digitizing

Win Digitizers have a team of embroidery digitizers that promises top-notch digitizing services and techniques. You can depend on this website to get smooth yet crispy results. What’s best about this website is their after-sales customer support, so you can share your concerns and get them fixed. The embroidery digitizing is available for large-scale and small-scale designs. Not to forget, they implement rigorous quality checks for every design, hence the best results.

With one of the most experienced teams of digitizers and incredibly affordable prices starting as low as $8, Win digitizing is definitely the right choice for individuals and businesses looking for high-quality and consistent digitizing solutions.

  • 360 Digitizing Solutions

360 Digitizing is our second favorite embroidery digitizing website because they have quick turnaround times, and the designs will be superior. They have expert digitizers, and their services are available in the UK, the USA, and Canada. In addition to the embroidery digitizing services, they also offer 3D puff digitizing, cap logo digitizing, applique digitizing, side sleeve digitizing, and more. Overall, their services are pretty impressive, and you will be satisfied.

Top Software for Embroidery Digitization 

This section is for everyone looking for software for embroidery digitizing because they want a free solution. Some of these options are free, but there are paid ones, so are you ready to download some on your device?

  • 6D Premier

6D Premier is the best embroidery digitizing software and allows users to design any pattern they want. You can follow your creativity to design the embroidery designs. They have a ribbon bar with various functions and features for easier access and functionality. This software is actually great for people who have touch screen devices because the design interaction will be easier. As for the support, it works fine with Windows 8 and Windows 7.

  • 6D Embroidery Extra

This software makes a fantastic option for every embroidery digitizer who wants to bring their creative visions to life. With 6D Embroidery Extra, you can design your own embroidery designs or quilt blocks. Not to forget, it allows experimentation with PhotoStitch. The users can play around with patterns, backgrounds, and colors. Also, if you get some free time, you will be able to make a greeting card with embroidery designs!

  • Brother PE-Design Next

This is expensive software and is known for comprehensive support for embroidery digitizers. Brother PE-Design Next offers a wide range of professional tools that helps you enhance the designs. For instance, you will have access to different stitch options, additional fonts, a variety of patterns, and improved lettering choices. That being said, you will be able to develop multiple designs simultaneously, but it needs multiple devices to be connected with each other.

  • Wilcom DecoStudio E3

It doesn’t matter if you want to digitize the embroidery for fun or work; this software is the best choice. The interface is straightforward so that you can work on your creativity without any hassles. In addition, Wilcom DecoStudio E3 has the stitching technology that works seamlessly with CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 so that you can get the best outcome.

  • Embrid Embroidery

This is a basic software launched by Embrid, and users can create different manipulations and adjustments with it. In addition, you can convert and tweak up the existing designs. Overall, Embrid Embroidery is a versatile and affordable software. For the most part, it’s perfect for people who want to start a career in embroidery digitization and designing.

  • TruEmbroidery 3

For everyone who uses a Mac, this is the ultimate embroidery digitizing software for you. There is an extensive range of features and have multiple tools to design the digitized embroidery designs in free form. The best thing about TruEmbroidery 3 is that you can transform the photos into digitized embroidery designs. Moreover, it can be integrated with different embroidery machines, such as Singer, Bernina, Pfaff, Janome, and Brother.

  • Embrilliance Essential Embroidery Machine 

This is a great embroidery digitizing software for people who want a combination of values and features. There are various customization options available which mean you can work with different designs. The users can change the sizes, merge different designs, modify the colors, and design the monograms. Even more, you can create different letterings with this software, and it’s available for Mac as well as Windows PC.