Three important factors that influence the quality of embroidery digitizing!

By June 29, 2021 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing has become a crucial service for embroidery businesses to keep up with their marketing strategies. From caps embroidery to left chest logos embroidery, and from jacket embroidery to hats embroidery, businesses are after reliable, and consistent embroidery digitizing services that can help them get precise, and high-quality digitized designs to be used for promotional merchandise.

Now, while on the surface the process of embroidery digitizing might appear to be simple and straightforward, however, it’s a multi-layered complex process and involve various intricate processes. Even the smallest glitch during the digitizing process can utterly eliminate the design flow, and pattern during the embroidery stage.

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Well, below we will be looking at some of the crucial considerations that go into making the perfect digitizing files for embroidery purposes;

  1. Embroidery Digitizing Instructions

As mentioned above, embroidery digitizing is a multi-layered complex process that includes various intricate steps, which are required to be followed specifically to produce the best outcome.

Now, the first and foremost important consideration for businesses when looking for digitizing services is to communicate clearly with the digitizer about the purpose and use of the digitized design. As mentioned above, it’s an intricate process and an expert digitizer would need to know the fabric of choice on which the design will be embroidered to make the precise digitized files. That’s why businesses need to provide digitizers with complete information to ensure high-quality and precise digitized designs.

  1. The fabric of choice for embroidery

Taking from the above, fabric of choice greatly influences the process of embroidery digitizing. That’s because each fabric comes with its unique character, which the digitizer needs to compensate for to ensure high-quality and precise designs. For instance, digitizing approach for a design that’s to be embroidered on denim will be completely different from the approach for let’s say a lighter fabric. The key for the digitizer is to compensate for the “push” and “pull” factors for the fabric, to ensure that the design appears seamless and intricate after embroidery.

  1. Embroidery Digitizing Software

There is various embroidery digitizing software available in the market and not all are created equal. The embroidery digitizing software heavily influences the overall appeal and quality of the digitized design.

For instance, some freely available digitizing software won’t have the features and tools to make up for professional embroidery digitizing services.

Also, it’s important to note that professional embroidery digitizing software doesn’t come cheap. Rather, they cost massively, which is one reason why outsourcing embroidery digitizing needs to a professional company is more cost-effective than developing an in-house embroidery digitizing team. Nonetheless, when you choose a  digitizing partner for your embroidery needs, just make sure that the agency is using industry-standard software which is able to produce high-quality, accurate, and consistent digitized designs in desired formats.

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