Promotional Merchandise Tips and Trends

By March 7, 2022 Embroidery Digitizing

Whether you are looking to boost your business branding or looking to engage more customers, promotional merchandise is certainly one of the most marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd. You can think of promotional merchandise as a better and unique type of corporate giveaway, just that it doesn’t really require any specific event to be executed. In fact, you can design promotional merchandise for various occasions and use it tactically to boost business visibility and market exposure.

Here in this blog, we will be looking at some proven ways to use promotional merchandise to get instant branding and an increased customer base.

What are promotional clothes?

When we say promotional merchandise, these can be anything from clothing (tees, hoodies, jeans, etc.) to caps or other apparel carrying your company logo or any promotional branding message. The best way to achieve great branding with promotional merchandise is to go with embroidery designs. That’s because embroidery designs (logos, messages, aesthetics) don’t just appear more elegant and exquisite but are also long-lasting. That’s precisely why thousands of global businesses today go with embroidered promotional merchandise each year to improve their brand awareness and increase visibility.

Tips and Trends for Promotional Merchandise

Now that we are done getting introduced to promotional merchandise let’s explore some great tips and trends that will help you achieve the best ROIs from the marketing campaign.

How to use Promotional Clothes?

–     Exhibitions

According to statistics, businesses believe that exhibitions are the best occasions to use promotional merchandise as giveaways. Over 50% of businesses prefer to give away some sort of promotional merchandise in the form of clothing or caps, etc., to maximize business exposure. So, if you too are looking to get increased branding, get your promotional merchandise ready with some exquisite brand embroidery.

–     Brand Awareness

While exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for businesses to use promotional merchandise, these can also be used as great branding material. By implementing branding custom apparel for all staff, businesses can achieve phenomenal brand awareness. You can also achieve higher customer outreach and brand awareness by initiative giveaway drives for promotional merchandising.

–     Promotions

You can obviously use promotional merchandise to run a promotional business campaign. You can also mix things up with branded leather back diaries and other stuff, apart from giving promotional clothing. By mixing the promotional giveaways, you significantly improve the brand outreach and customer base.

–     Employee fun days

According to statistics, over 25% of companies believe that using promotional clothing during employees’ outdoor activities gives them the best opportunity to increase branding and marketing. Outdoor fun days are meant to provide employees with the much-needed break away from a hectic work routine, revitalize their energies and create a strong connection with the company. However, by implementing promotional merchandise on fun days, businesses can double the package by giving employees much-needed leisure time and promoting the business.

What is the most preferred promotional merchandise?

Honestly, there are tons of different types of promotional merchandise businesses can use to maximize brand exposure and increase market visibility. From leatherback covers to diaries and from clothing to calendars and much more, you can use any type of promotional merchandise that delivers the punch for business. However, comparatively promotional clothing is by far the most widely used merchandise used as a promotional giveaway by businesses. Here are some of the widely preferred promotional clothing used by global businesses;

  • Nearly 75% of businesses prefer t-shirts as promotional merchandise
  • Nearly 50% of businesses prefer polo shirts as promotional merchandise
  • Nearly 30% of businesses prefer branded sweatshirts as promotional merchandise
  • over 20% of businesses prefer branded leather back diaries as promotional merchandise

Well, going by the stats, it’s easy to understand that t-shirts and polo shirts are by far the most preferred category of promotional merchandise by global businesses. That’s understandable since these are widely popular amongst customers who love to wear them for functionality and style. Also, the comfort and durability of tees and polo shirts make them widely popular among businesses and brands.

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