How To Select The Best Embroidery Digitizing Software – The Simple Guide

By October 18, 2021 February 4th, 2022 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Over the course of time, digitizing embroidery has become a widespread trade because the trend of unique and bold embroidery is flourishing. This is basically because new embroidery technologies have been developed, which has really improved the machine embroidery processes. We all have seen our grannies make hand stitches, but automatic and electric embroidery machines and embroidery digitizing have really changed the game.

It’s essential to add that it cannot replace hand embroidery, but it can surely shake things up on a commercial scale. However, for commercial embroidery, the companies need to instill a combination of the best software for embroidery digitizing and advanced machines.

Embroidery Digitizing Software – What Is It? 

To begin with, embroidery digitizing software is a tool that helps everyone brainstorm and creates the desired embroidery patterns and designs and provides you with a machine-readable format. There is an extensive range of such software solutions in the market, but they are particular to the machinery you are going to use. In addition, these software solutions are essential for digitizing embroidery.

The majority of advanced embroidery machines have built-in software, and they often have a variety of pre-designed templates as well. People who are pursuing this as a hobby would do fine with the pre-designed templates. However, if you want to customize the designs and make sure your design appears incredible after embroidery, you need to use the professional digitizing software on your own. In this section, we are sharing how you can find the best software for jacket back digitizing, animal picture digitizing, and more.

  • Understand Your Requirements 

Whenever you have to select the digitizing software, the first essential aspect is to understand your requirements. The users have to know their requirements, so sit back and list down your specific needs. There are some software solutions that help users scan the images, while some allow image downloads. If you opt for advanced digitizing software, you will be able to quickly digitize complicated and intricate designs.

  • Licensed Software, Please!

You might be fascinated by all the free online tools, but they aren’t good enough for commercial purposes because the quality and usage limitations will be there. That being said, you should buy the licensed digitizing software to unlock advanced features (yes, you can use the pirated software, but it’s illegal, and you will be breaking the law). So, just buy the licensed embroidery digitizing software like Wilcom and enjoy the perks.

  • Compatibility

Whenever you are looking for a professional digitizing software option, you need to check the software compatibility before you make the purchase. This is because different software solutions have different OS requirements. Also, you don’t want to end up buying software that doesn’t work with your computer and machine. If you are concerned about “how” to check the compatibility, just read the software specifications before pressing the buy buttons.

  • Customer Reviews

It’s pretty apparent that you will buy the embroidery digitizing software online, and checking out the customer reviews will be a great option to make the right choice. The customer reviews will always be honest, and they will give proper insights into the reliability of the digitizing software solution. In addition to getting insights into the features, you will get answers to potential problems.

  • Design Library 

We have mentioned that various software solutions come with a pre-designed library so that you can complete the task quickly. We understand that you want to customize the designs, but having a design library will prove to be convenient. In the majority of embroidery digitizing software solutions, there will be more than two hundred pre-designed templates, so you must dig in and see which software offers how many designs. Lastly, having access to these designs will always help make quick embroidery designs (you can tweak the design templates according to your desires).

  • Terms & Conditions 

We all have made the mistake of never reading the terms and conditions, but you should read them while buying the software. In particular, you should read them if you are a professional embroidery digitizer. Even more, reading the terms and conditions will provide answers to your embroidery and digitizing-related questions. In simpler words, tick the “I agree” box only if you have read the terms and conditions.

  • Product Reviews

In addition to reading the customer reviews, you should also read the software’s product review. That’s because these reviews will provide closer insights into the features offered by the software. In addition, it will shed light on the performance and usability of the software. However, for reading the product reviews, always consult the verified and authentic review websites.

  • Interface 

Digitizing the embroidery designs is a complicated process, and you don’t want a complex interface to make things more challenging for you. For this purpose, you should only opt for the embroidery digitizing software if it has an easy-to-use interface and offers insights into usability. To get these details, we suggest that you ask people who have used it because they will have hands-on experience with the software, hence better insights into the potential outcome.

  • Use The Free Trial 

When it comes down to these digitizing software solutions, they are often offered with free trials. That being said, you should utilize the free trials and see if features meet your needs. In addition, you will see the availability of different features, if you are able to use those features quickly, and if the software delivers promised results. On top of everything, the free trial will help you get some training before you actually buy the software.

  • Watch Videos 

This is the last step you should perform while trying to find the best embroidery digitizing software. So, just watch the YouTube videos of people who have reviewed a specific software after using it for months. These videos may offer better insights than customer reviews, so try the videos and make a final decision!

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