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By February 4, 2022 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Are you intrigued by enchanting embroidery designs?

Honestly, who isn’t?

We all love to own exquisite embroidery designs that reflect our true character, and many even try their hands around with customized embroidery.

However, embroidery isn’t an easy field to master, and it certainly isn’t the cheapest interest to pursue.

From getting hands around professional embroidery digitizing software to choosing the right embroidery machine, there are loads of intricacies and costs involved in the process.

Well, if you, too, are interested in getting started with customized embroidery for personal use, we have come up with some great tips for you.

Below, we will be looking at some of the best ways to get your hands around free embroidery digitizing software to pursue your embroidery passion.

Remember, while these free embroidery digitizing software may be great to satisfy your personal passion for embroidery, these aren’t recommended for commercial use.

Nonetheless, let’s start seeing some of the best embroidery digitizing software you can download for personal embroidery passion.

Types of Free Embroidery Software

Well, before we take the list down some free digitizing software, let’s quickly see some of the different types of embroidery software that are available in the market so that you can choose the right type as per your unique needs.

–     Free File Converters

Free file converters are one of the most convenient and widely used embroideries digitizing software. As can be taken by name, these are simple online converters that can be used to transform between machine-readable embroidery files. To help you understand, you can convert a .jef file into a .pes or any other embroidery machine-readable format. The best part about free file converters is that you can find plenty of them easily online.

So, if you are looking for a quick fix for your embroidery files, free file converters are your best choice to go with. However, just remember that these types of converters are not able to convert raster images into an embroidery file; instead, these are only meant to convert one type of embroidery file format into another format.

–     Free Editing Software

Free editing software is yet another popular category of embroidery digitizing software used to improve/enhance the quality of a digitizing file. Such software comes with the high utility since it can be used to easily resize, split, customize or make small changes to an existing digitized design. You can also use free editing software to add basting boxes or knockdown stitches to the digitized designs. While free editing software may be used to perform a variety of basic editings like merging multiple designs, thread color changes, and others, these aren’t truly digitizing software; instead, only editing solutions.

–         Free Embroidery Digitizing Software

Well, that’s basically the type that truly represents the free embroidery digitizing software in the literal sense. Free embroidery digitizing software can be used to transform any raster images (.jpeg, .png, etc.) into digitizing embroidery files, which can be used with embroidery machines.

Now, when we talk about free embroidery digitizing software, these can be broadly categorized into two categories; automated digitizing software and manual digitizing software. If you are a newbie into the digitizing world, automated digitizing software can come in handy since it automates various complex features; thereby, making the entire digitizing process easier. However, you may want to go with manual digitizing software for the best results, ensuring higher precision. Also, as we mentioned above, the free embroidery digitizing software isn’t recommended for commercial use by any means.

Best Free Embroidery Digitizing Software

Well, now that you know the basic types of embroidery digitizing software, let’s quickly move on and see some of the best free embroidery digitizing software you can get your hands on. While some of the below-mentioned software does offer a free digitizing platform, others may only offer a free trial period (nonetheless, you do get a free digitizing experience anyway). So, let’s begin exploring…

SophieSewSophieSEW has to be one of the most widely used and highly recommended free embroidery digitizing software you can download and use. SophieSEW comes with all basic tools; one may need to digitize a design from scratch. Also, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, it becomes easy to create aesthetically pleasing embroidery digitizing files for machine embroidery.

  1. EOS

If you are looking for reliable and advanced embroidery digitizing software that offers modern features and tools, EOS is the right choice for you. This free embroidery digitizing software can be used to digitize or edit designs easily. The platform’s interface is designed to enable an easy-learning experience for new users, so you can easily get your hands around the platform in no time. Also, there are various additional tools that are integrated to enable better quality digitizing for newbies.

  1. Wilcom TrueSizer

Wilcom is arguably one of the biggest embroidery digitizing software manufacturers in the world. While buying a professional grade Wilcom TrueSizer embroidery digitizing software is out of the question for most individuals; fortunately, you can opt for the free trial version of the software. Obviously, the company doesn’t offer full functionalities (nowhere near that reason), but it still comes with decent functionalities that can help you get a feel for this great embroidery digitizing software.

The software offers automated and manual digitizing options, making it equally suited for all skill levels. The various tools and features offered by the platform make it easier for users to digitize high-quality complex designs. Some of the tools offered by the software include; offset contouring, layout features, multiple hoops, monograms, recoloring, sequencing, and others.


Are you ready to pursue your embroidery passion? Honestly, embroidery is such a mesmerizing and immersive field that there is no going back once you get a feel for it. And with the above-mentioned free embroidery digitizing software, it’s easier than ever for you to pursue your passion for embroidery. However, once you are ready to convert your passion for embroidery into your job, you may need professional embroidery digitizing services.

Well, we got you covered here. At Win Digitizing, we offer individuals and businesses of all sizes affordable, reliable and consistent digitizing solutions, starting as low as $8. So, if you feel like you are ready to launch your embroidery brand, let our experts help you get it right!