How to convert PDF TO DST

By February 4, 2022 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Worldwide, dozens of different file formats are used for various uses. Each file format has its unique strengths and limitations, which is why we can’t label anyone format as the ideal one.

Nonetheless, when it comes to embroidery digitizing services, PDF and DST are two of the most commonly used file formats that are used for individual purposes. Portable Document Format, or what’s more widely known as the PDF, is a highly versatile format that is preferred for easy storage, sharing, and printing of documents. However, this doesn’t make it the best format without any limitations; instead, the PDF file format comes with its own baggage of constraints, which means there is always someone looking to convert PDF into another format. Similarly, DST is a popular digitizing file format that is used explicitly for Tajima embroidery machines.

Now, if you too have been looking for ways to convert PDF to DST files, continue to read on. Below we will be sharing the best approaches to convert PDF to DST files.

However, before we start with the conversion approaches, let’s briefly introduce the two file formats.

What is a PDF file?

Portable Document File, more commonly known as PDF file format, is one of the most widely used cross-platform file extensions. PDF is highly regarded for the quality of digital content visualization. The file format is developed by Adobe Systems and uses the PostScript resources. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using PDF file format is that there isn’t any limit on the length or size of the file. The format can be used to store vector images, scan lines, or multimedia tools. As a widely popular file format, PDF is supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and default Adobe Reader.

Moving on to the technical features of the format, PDF files can support various color models, including RGB, CMYK, and multiple shades of gray. It can also be used to display 3D content, although this would require the necessary components.

What is a DST file?

DST is a popular embroidery file format exclusively used by Tajima Embroidery Machines. For those who don’t know, embroidery machines are automated machines that take digitized files (with all relevant instructions) as input to create artwork or designs on any surface, including; fabric or other materials.

Tajima is a popular embroidery machine manufacturer that is widely used in the industry; thereby, users are always looking for ways to convert PDF to DST formats. The DST file includes all relevant information required by embroidery machines to embroider artwork including coordinates, and codes. These instructions dictate all embroidery components, including; color pallets, stitches, laying seams, needlework, and other components.

How to convert PDF to DST?

Well, now that we are done with a brief introduction of the DST and PDF file formats, let’s see two easy approaches that can be used to convert PDF to DST.

–         Online Conversion

As there is a massive demand for PDF to DST conversion, you will find plenty of free online PDF to DST converters. These online converters are the easiest approach to convert PDF to DST, absolutely free of cost.

While online converters are excellent for converting PDF to DST formats, experts usually do not recommend these for commercial use. That’s because such converters don’t guarantee the integrity of design and quality required at the commercial level. This means that while you may use these converters for quick and free PDF to DST conversion, these aren’t suited for commercial embroidery services.

–         Professional Digitizing Services

One of the best ways to convert PDF to DST is to hire services from professional embroidery digitizing agencies. It is the recommended approach since these agencies have access to expert digitizers working on leading embroidery digitizing software, ensuring the artwork’s quality and precision for DST files. The online downside of using professional embroidery digitizing services is the relatively higher cost of operations (even though the prices are much more competitive).

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