How much does logo digitizing cost? What is Flat Rate Logo Digitizing Services?

By June 29, 2021 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Logo digitizing is a popular service for businesses looking to break into the market. But, how much does logo digitizing cost? This is a common question that pops into the minds of all businesses looking to get a logo digitized.

Honestly, logo digitizing is a complex process that needs expertise, skills, and experience to be accomplished with precision. For any business offering logo digitizing services, they need to have ample resources, and an understanding of processes and techniques to be able to offer high-quality digitization services.

For most parts, most businesses (other than ones associated exclusively with embroidery digitization) don’t have the skills and expertise to pull out a successful logo digitization process.

Fortunately, there’s a way out…

Embroidery digitizing agencies offer individuals and businesses the best way out to get high-quality logo digitizing services at the most affordable rates. Since such companies exclusively deal with the digitization process, they got the expertise, experience, and resources to pull out the highest quality and precise digitized design even for the most complex logos. The only thing left to consider is the choice of the agency. That’s because there are hundreds of digitizing agencies working in the industry and not all agencies are equal. Also, the cheapest digitizing services aren’t necessarily always the right choice. Well, below we will be looking at how much logo digitizing actually cost.

How much will it cost to digitize a logo?

In general, the cost to digitize a logo depends upon certain factors that need to be taken into account. Some of the factors include the number of stitches and the color changes in the threat. The average cost of a digitized logo ranges from $15 to $150, however, it can vary depending upon the logo complexity, type, choice of company, and any promotional offer.

Some of the key factors that influence the cost of logo digitization includes;

  • The complexity of the logo design
  • The fabric of choice on which you will be getting the logo embroidered
  • The number of thread colors
  • The number of stitches

Win Digitizing – Top Quality Logo digitizing at affordable prices!

At Win Digitizing, we are proud to offer businesses across the USA, Canada, and Europe the best logo digitizing services at the most affordable prices. As a leading embroidery digitizing agency in the USA, we got the expertise, experience, and latest technology to help businesses and individuals alike get the most detailed and accurate logo digitizing services. Our range of services include;

  • Vector art conversion
  • Raster to vector
  • 3D puff digitizing
  • Left chest logo digitizing
  • Jacket back digitizing
  • Applique digitizing
  • Flat logo digitizing; and
  • Much more

To empower more businesses to leverage the power of logo digitizing, we are offering incredibly competitive rates of $8 per design ($150 max order value). So, now you can easily get your hands around a reliable, consistent, and affordable logo digitizing service that works as hard as you.

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