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Embroidery Digitizing Services

Win Digitizing Company has been delivering high-quality digitized files to its clients for more than five years. Applique digitizing, custom digitizing, embroidery digitizing, 3D digitizing, and vector art conversions are our main services and Icon has expert digitizers to ensure the best quality work. Our experienced digitizers understand the complexities of artwork and have advanced knowledge to abreast with the latest trend.

Left Chest Logo Embroidery Digitizing


Cap / 3D Puff Logo Digitizing


Textual Logo Embroidery Digitizing


Complex Embroidery Digitizing


Applique Logo Digitizing


Jacket Back Logo Digitizing


Patch Embroidery Digitizing Services

Eagle Embroidery Digitizing Logo

Check out the quality of our digitizing work! Compare the artwork and the digitized image to analyze the expertise of our digitizers.

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Embroidery Digitizing Services

Embroidery digitizing has a significant place in the textile industry. The use of the computer in the textile industry has revolutionized embroidery digitizing. As the textile industry is growing, a remarkable advancement has been observed in embroidery digitizing as well. New trends are replacing the old ones while the availability of the latest software has made the digitizing of complex designs possible which was unknown a few years back.

Win Digitizing Company is well aware of the market needs and equipped to accomplish tasks in minimum turnaround time. You just need to send your artwork to us in any photo format. Make sure the image isn’t pixelated while all attributes and colors of the image should be clear. So, you get what you actually want. Our services are just for our clients and their satisfaction is our main goal.

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We redesign your image and make it more clear to digitize it in a machine-readable format. You can send images in .jpg, .png, BMP, tiff, and any other available format and our professional digitizers convert your artwork into Machine file-formats .dst .pes .exp .cnd, etc.

Embroidery Logo

Logo Digitizing


Digitizing under 2 inches size

$1.50 USD per 1000 stitches for a design more than 2 inches

$150 (maximum order)

(Simple Design 4 to 8 hours for extra $5)

(10 to 16 hours)

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Jacket Back Digitizing


Simple Design

Flat $30 USD
Complex Design
Hardcore Design (Request estimate first)

Turnaround Time:
18 hours to 24 hours
hardcore Design:
24 hours to 30 hours

Urgent 8 to 16 hours for $5 Extra
(Simple or Complex design only)

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Digitizing File Editing


after 7 days of order

(within 7 Days)

(after 7 Days)


$8 (cap to flat or flat to cap)


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Vector Art Conversion


Simple up to 2 color design

Simple Textual Logo $10

Simple 2+ Color Logos $15

Complex 2+ Color Logos $30

Hardcore 2+ Color Logos $95

Extremely hardcore (ASK FOR QUOTATION)

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Logo Embroidery Digitizing Services

We encourage the sample in .jpg as it is compatible with all software and exhibits exact colors. Moreover, it takes up less space in memory. In case, the .jpg format isn’t available, you can send us your image in any format.

Win digitized files are talented enough to differentiate between different colors and patterns. Our designs are customized and fulfill the user’s needs because we first analyze the design and its attributes, before starting the digitizing process. After digitizing, the file becomes ready to install into the machine in order to give commands to it.

Win Digitizing Company has a high-performance team with talented minds dedicated to their work. The digitized files of our experts are efficient and high quality and hard to edit. Only our experts can modify and edit the files which ensures the security and durability of our work. We are passionate about our work and don’t leave the project until the achievement of all requirements of the client.

We are providing high-quality work at reasonable prices while our turnout time is quicker than any other digitizing company. Our services are available 24 hours and we always say welcome to our clients. You can contact us and get an immediate response. The expert staff is proficient in handling urgent projects and doesn’t leave any flaws in their work. This feature of Win gets it one step ahead of its competitors and clients trustfully give us urgent orders.

Textile industries and renowned designers are promoting their businesses by using embroidery digitizing services as computerized machines are more trustworthy and free from human error. Digitized embroidery is neat, delicate, and doesn’t skip any stitch, but it all depends on high-quality embroidery digitizing. Otherwise, the expectations remain just expectations and the client fails in achieving the right product.

Our services are effective, rapid, and of high quality. We guarantee customer satisfaction and get ready to receive urgent projects. No matter if you’re the owner of a small firm or have a well-reputed organization, we deliver perfect work files to attain perfect outcomes.

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Unleash the potential of your logo embroidery business with our logo digitizing Services.

This specialized logo digitizing services cater to specific industries and requirements, ensuring that the logos are accurately transformed into high-quality embroidery. Whether it’s emblem logos for organizations, sports team names for athletic branding, fashion logos for the world of couture, or animal logos for nature-inspired designs, these services provide the expertise needed to create logos that are visually striking, representative of the brand, and aligned with the intended purpose.

Flat Logo Digitizing

Flat logo embroidery digitizing focuses on capturing the essence of a brand’s logo with precision and clarity. It involves translating the logo’s design elements, such as text, shapes, and intricate details, into embroidery stitches. The goal is to create a clean and recognizable representation of the logo, maintaining its original integrity while adapting it to the embroidery medium.

Appliqué Logo Digitizing

Appliqué logo embroidery digitizing involves attaching fabric or material onto the base fabric before stitching the logo. This technique allows for the creation of textured and layered effects. The logo’s design is divided into sections, with each section digitized separately to accommodate the appliqué material. The final result is a logo with added visual interest and dimension.

Puff Logo Digitizing

Puff logo embroidery digitizing creates a raised or puffy effect on specific parts of the logo. This technique involves using foam or special underlay stitches beneath the top layer of embroidery. The foam or underlay lifts the stitches, giving them height and a three-dimensional appearance. Puff embroidery adds a tactile element to the logo, making it visually striking and unique.

3D Logo Digitizing

3D logo embroidery digitizing adds depth and dimension to a logo by utilizing different stitch techniques and densities. This technique creates the illusion of height, making the logo appear raised and textured. By strategically placing stitches, shadows, and highlights, the logo becomes visually engaging and captivating.

Gradient Logo Digitizing

Gradient logo embroidery digitizing involves replicating smooth color transitions within a logo. This technique requires careful selection of thread colors and precise mapping of stitch densities to achieve a gradual shift from one color to another. Gradient embroidery adds a contemporary and eye-catching element to the logo, enhancing its visual appeal.

Metallic Logo Digitizing

Metallic logo embroidery digitizing utilizes metallic threads to create a logo that shimmers and catches the light. This technique adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the embroidery. Careful attention is given to the stitch direction and placement to maximize the reflective properties of the metallic thread, resulting in a dazzling and attention-grabbing logo.

Photorealistic Logo Digitizing

Photorealistic logo digitizing is a specialized service that aims to replicate a logo with high accuracy and detail, capturing the intricate elements of a photograph or realistic image. Through careful selection of stitch types, densities, and shading techniques, the digitizer recreates the logo to closely resemble the original image, resulting in a logo that appears lifelike and visually striking.

Vintage Logo Digitizing

logo embroidery digitizing replicates a vintage or worn-out look for the logo. This technique involves intentionally fraying, distressing, or fading certain parts of the logo during digitization. The result is a logo with a rustic and weathered appearance, evoking a sense of nostalgia or authenticity.

Outline Logo Digitizing

Outline logo digitizing focuses on creating a logo with clean and precise outlines. This technique involves digitizing the outer edges of the logo, resulting in a design that consists of bold and defined lines. Outline logos are often used for simplicity and clarity, allowing the logo to stand out prominently.

Monogram Logo Digitizing

Monogram logo digitizing involves transforming initials or letters into a stylish and personalized logo. The digitizer carefully maps the proportions and details of the letters, ensuring consistency and legibility. Monogram logos are popular for personalization purposes, such as on apparel, accessories, or stationery, adding a touch of elegance and individuality.

Text Logo Digitizing

Text logo digitizing focuses on digitizing logos that primarily consist of text. This service pays attention to font selection, spacing, and legibility to accurately represent the logo’s typography. Whether it’s a brand name, slogan, or tagline, the digitizer ensures that the text is transformed into embroidery with precision and clarity.

Embroidery Patch Logo Digitizing

Embroidery patch logo digitizing involves creating logos specifically designed as patches or badges. These logos are often used for uniforms, hats, or promotional items. The digitizer carefully digitizes the logo, considering the size and shape of the patch, as well as the required level of detail. The result is a logo that can be easily applied as an embroidered patch.

Cartoon Logo Digitizing

Cartoon logo digitizing specializes in transforming cartoon or illustrated characters into embroidery. The digitizer captures the unique features, expressions, and colors of the character, translating them into stitches. Cartoon logos are commonly used by brands targeting younger audiences or those looking for a fun and playful branding approach.

Sports Team Name Digitizing

Sports team name digitizing involves digitizing team names or text elements that are incorporated into sports logos or uniforms. This service ensures that the team name is transformed into embroidery with accuracy and legibility. Digitizers consider factors such as font selection, spacing, and visual impact, capturing the essence of the team’s identity and providing a professional and cohesive look.

Fashion Logo Digitizing

Fashion logo digitizing specializes in creating logos for fashion brands. This service focuses on translating the brand’s aesthetic, style, and personality into embroidery. The digitizer pays attention to intricate design elements, such as fine lines, delicate details, or unique textures, to create a logo that reflects the fashion brand’s identity and enhances its visual appeal.

Animal Logo Digitizing

Animal logo digitizing involves transforming logos that feature animals into embroidery. This service focuses on capturing the characteristics, features, and details of the animal, ensuring accurate representation through embroidery stitches. The digitizer considers factors such as shading, contours, and textures to bring the animal logo to life, resulting in a visually captivating and recognizable design.

Emblem Logo Digitizing

Emblem logo digitizing focuses on transforming logos into emblems or crests, typically associated with organizations, clubs, or institutions. This service pays attention to capturing intricate details, such as intricate shapes, borders, and text. The digitizer carefully digitizes the logo to ensure clarity, sharpness, and consistency, resulting in a logo that conveys a sense of prestige and tradition.

Business Logo Digitizing

Business logo digitizing encompasses the digitization of logos specifically for businesses and organizations. The service aims to accurately represent the company’s branding elements, such as the logo, name, and tagline. Digitizers focus on maintaining brand consistency, legibility, and visual impact, ensuring that the company logo stands out and effectively represents the business.

Product Logo Digitizing

Product logo digitizing involves digitizing logos that are associated with specific products or merchandise. These logos are often used to enhance product branding and labeling. Digitizers pay attention to detail, ensuring that the product logo is accurately represented and aligned with the product’s overall aesthetic.

Event Logo Digitizing

Event logo digitizing focuses on digitizing logos specifically designed for events, such as conferences, trade shows, or festivals. These logos are typically used for promotional materials, merchandise, or signage. The digitizer works to capture the essence of the event and translates it into an eye-catching and memorable logo that effectively represents the occasion.

Why Choose Us? Actually, Why Not?

Our embroidery digitizing services are for you. We are always here to receive your order and answer your queries. Don’t get worried about urgent orders or workload because, at Win Digitizing, our embroidery digitizers are well equipped to deal with the pressure of work and competent to deliver files in minimum time. We value our clients and move forward accompanying their trust and satisfaction. Our business strategies enable us to get more orders and meet deadlines.

As the textile industry is growing and new entrepreneurs are becoming a part of this stream, trends are changing rapidly resulting in increased competition in the market.  Win management keeps an eye on the latest trend and encourages digitizers to learn new technologies and improve their skills. We switch into the most updated software quickly and adopt new trends in order to maintain our reputation and carry out our projects in accord to the client’s demand.

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Reason for offering flat and Cheap rate Embroidery Digitizing Services?

We offer reasonable rates and give an opportunity to small entrepreneurs to avail the best services within their range. Our digitized files are highly effective solutions to your complex embroidery artwork that play an important role in meeting your financial goals. We digitize files according to your machine’s compatibility and confirm its readability capacity before delivering the project to the client.

Win Digitizing Company has cultivated relationships with textile industrialists, individuals, and entrepreneurs to whom we are providing services. Our digitized files are most appropriate for fabrics, handbags, embroidery, military badges, and bedsheets. Moreover, we are successfully digitizing artwork for beaded laces and landscapes. Similarly, brands are getting our services for ornament embroidery, personal pictures, logos, fabric, and landscapes. In short, we can say that digitizing isn’t limited only to the textile industry, but you find it in every field of life. 

You just need to register to our client dashboard panel and placing your order with your design images and we will start working on it immediately. We guarantee perfection and digitize what the client actually needed. To attain the goals we follow devised patterns that keep our workflow balanced and permit us to deliver outstanding embroidery digitizing services. 




Any Left chest or cap logo digitizing for flat $8 USD.
Terms and conditions applied. View Pricing

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