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By February 10, 2021 Blog, Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing And Its Steps


First of all let us understand what the term digitizing refers to, as after knowing the exact definition of the term it would be easy to apply it and know its applications.

So, the process in which any information is being converted into digital form is known as digitizing. 

What happens in digital format is that any kind of information is being structured in the form of discrete units that are capable of being addressed separately. 

This data which is being gathered in discrete units is known as binary data and it can be processed through any such device which has the capacity of computing. 

For example, you can take digital hearing aids and digital cameras which are also used to digitize items.

This is the overall concept behind digitizing through which we can easily apply it to things that we want to digitize. 

Almost everything can be digitized for embroidery like texts, images, etc. 

Either scan the text or take a picture of it or in case of physical images of hand-drawn design, you have to scan it and it would finally convert in JPEG, GIF, or bitmap format.

Just take the image and send it to us for embroidery digitizing,  you will get an embroidery machine-readable digitized format of your work, art, or even of yourself. Whether it’s a rough hand-drawn art or raster image or even a little bit of pixelating image, you would get a similar high-quality embroidery digitizing file.

The case of embroidery digitizing is slightly different from digitizing documents, or any other digitizing type.

So, be attentive here, as now we are going to explain the process of embroidery digitizing along with some of its steps.

What actually happens here is that for embroidery digitizing you have to use certain software like Wilcom which is professional embroidery digitizing software.

In a short summary, you have to create designs using stitches by placing or seeing the digital image you have been provided by your client. Your work is to develop the best and high-quality embroidery digitizing logo according to the demands of your client.


So, what’s the procedure? Here we go:

  • Download and install the software on your laptop
  • You will get the logo which you have to convert into digitized embroidery form
  • Pick the image and lock it on the screen by using the lock option
  • Select the thread as per the demand of the client and the color as shown in the image of the logo you are going to digitize
  • Remember that you have to provide the best quality embroidery digitizing and in the machine-readable format that the client will use on their embroidery machine, for which you have to give minimum jumps with minimum thread break.
  • After you have done with the design, save it in the form of an image to show your client what it will look like after embroidery so that they can see if there is any mistake, color change or correction required before running it on the final product.

The rest is on the embroidery machine where the person would insert the file through a USB and the machine would implement it on the cloth. The reason behind giving low jumps and low thread breaks is that the machine totally depends on the design you have provided.


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